For the wine lover in your life! 


It is the perfect gift for Christmas, Wedding, Mothers Day, birthdays, or any occasion. 


Each extractor has its own figuring, giving it a unique look. As this item is made to order, it will vary slightly from the picture. Yours will be created from genuine pieces of antler, with their own unique markings and coloration.


Our collection of wine cork extractors are made with reliable, robust materials meant to last you a lifetime. Each & every one is truly one of a kind. Handcrafted T-handle using deer antler.


Length: 7"
Materials: Deer antler, Chrome corkscrew.


Each item is made and finished one at a time, ensuring the highest quality. Allow 2-3 business days for shipping. Please verify the correct shipping address before making your payment. If we ship your item to an old or invalid address and you are not able to locate the item, we are not responsible for shipping a replacement.